Garden Bonfires

It was recently reported by a resident that a neighbour had a bonfire burning for 3 days in their back garden. This resulted in the residents of the surrounding 10 houses being unable to use their gardens or open their windows.

If anyone is unclear about what is generally permitted, the WCC website has noticeably clear guidelines and it would be well worth familiarising yourselves with these.

Please note the following which is also on the WCC website and should be closely adhered to right now: 

COVID-19 update – Please put bonfires on the back burner

“We are in extraordinary times with many more people at home so please be a considerate neighbour and don’t burn your waste during the current lockdown.
COVID-19 makes it hard to breathe and bonfire smoke can be very irritating and cause distress to those who are exposed to it.
If you have any concerns about environmental issues in your neighbourhood, our environmental health team is here to help on 01962 848097, email:, or visit:

Shed and Garage Security

Hampshire Constabulary have put out a reminder to people that they need to make sure their sheds and garages are kept securely locked, and to remain vigilant always.

 Burial ground

It has been reported that youngsters have been seen on their bikes inside the burial ground on Lovedon Lane. We are aware that it must be difficult for them to keep themselves occupied right now but using the burial ground as a place to hang out is not respectful.

We are unable to monitor this alone so again we would ask that should anyone see this happening, please let us know.

Again, it would be a great help to us if any details could be noted and passed on to the Parish Clerk on 01962 884150 (between 9-4 Monday to Friday), or via 101 if outside these hours.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Regarding anyone witnessing Anti-Social Behaviour in general, and wishing to report it, please call 101 and not the Parish Clerk. This is outside of our control, therefore cannot be dealt with at Parish Council level. By calling 101 and reporting it, the call will be officially logged with all details given, and hopefully the reported incident/s investigated.

Reported Dog Issues

Once again there have been reports of dog fouling, with one parishioner believing it is on the increase around the village.
It is inexcusable that there are some dog owners/walkers who continue to ignore that it is a legal requirement to pick up after the dog in your care.

The Parish Council spends over £4,000 per year providing red dog waste bins for use by the public. The green Winchester City Council (WCC) litters bins are also dual use and can accept dog waste. 

Anyone caught not clearing up after their dog risk a fine of up to £1,000. Fines can also increase by as much as 100% if not paid on time.

Sadly once again we have to ask that If you witness somebody not picking up, could you please report it to the WCC dog warden on 01962 848456.
The more information you can relay the better, such as time, place, and description of dog and/or owner. It is also perfectly acceptable to take a photo but only if this can be done safely.

Confronting the offenders is not recommended but passing the information on to the Dog Warden will hopefully result in prosecutions and serve as a red flag to others who create the problem.

Another report only last week was where an off-lead dog ran at a child and jumped up on him. The mother of the child said she was sure the dog was only being friendly, but nevertheless it was a scary experience. 

It is acceptable for dogs to run and play off lead in enclosed areas or on paths where the owner feels assured of their dogs’ safety and wellbeing with the following conditions:

  • Unless by-laws state that dogs must be kept on a lead.
  • Provided the dog is friendly.
  • Remains under the owner’s control, view and attention always.

New Councillors

We are happy to announce the recent co-option of 2 new Parish Councillors and would like to welcome Colin Cossburn and Sue Cook to the team.

Parish Councillor Vacancies

There are currently 3 Parish Councillor vacancies on Kings Worthy Parish Council.

Councillors serve as community representatives to help improve and maintain the Parish amenities and help to resolve various issues around the village.

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more, please contact the Parish Clerk via email to, or via 01962 884150.

Tubbs Hall and Parish Council Office

Tubbs Hall is currently closed due to Covid 19, as is the Parish Council office located inside the building.
Chris and Lucia, the Clerk and Assistant Clerk, are working from home but can still be contacted (during normal office hours) regarding all Parish Council related queries via email to, or if you do not have email, on 01962 884150.

Springvale Stores/Pharmacy and Tesco Express

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the above shops who always serve our village so well.

However, over the recent weeks it must be said that they have been a real backbone within the community. The residents of Kings Worthy have been very well provided for.

Springvale Stores went more than the extra mile to make sure they were able to offer products that were in short supply, or totally unavailable, in the larger stores.

The Pharmacy are also to be commended for how they are ensuring that those unable to go out to pick up their medication, have it delivered to them.
A huge thank you to each and every one of you.

Also, an extra thank you for how you have all remained as pleasant as always, regardless of all that is going on. We will all look forward to sometime soon, seeing our amazing village spring back to the hive of activity it has always been.