Local Plan site selection consultation

Please note - Due to existing planning permission at the time the housing figures were calculated, site KW04 has been excluded from this consultation.

Winchester City Council (WCC) are currently creating their Local Plan for future development for the period up to 2039. This process together with housing numbers required is driven by Central Government.

During this Local Plan period our parish, along with Headbourne Worthy, must accommodate an additional 90-100 new homes.

This will require the Parish to agree on which “Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) site or sites should be released. SHELAA sites are sites put forward to WCC by landowners and/or developers for consideration as potential development sites. WCC then determine which are considered viable and in turn ask for Parish Councils to determine which to release to meet housing requirements. Information on the SHELAA sites and the housing figures can be found on the WCC website (please see the links below).

We should point out that this number of homes will not be the only development taking place within the existing settlement boundary as we are also expected to deliver an additional 50 “windfall” properties. These arise as existing large garden plots are redeveloped to provide additional homes. We should also point out that “None” will not be an option as this is a Central Government directive and if we as a Parish do not make the choice “others” will make it for us!

Important information on the SHELAA sites and Local Plan housing numbers

Click here to view the Winchester City Council SHELAA sites (including a map of the sites)

Click here to download a pdf copy of the WCC Kings Worthy SHELAA site map

The link below contains some site information sheets  created by Kings Worthy Parish Council. They give some basic background information (including planning history) for each site.

Click here to view the KWPC site information sheets (including history)

Click here for further information on the local plan (including the revised housing figures)

To decide which site or sites should be released the Parish Council will be running a consultation, including two consultation sessions, to determine parishioner’s opinions. This will also include sending a covering letter and form to every home in the Parish.

All forms must be returned within the consultation dates specified below.

For more information on how to submit your form, please the see section "returning completed consultation forms" section below.

This consultation opens on the Monday 9th May and runs until 23:59 on the 22nd May 2022.

Consultation sessions at Lionel Tubbs Hall

Our sessions will be held on the following dates & times:

Wednesday 18th May from 16.00 to 20.00 and

Saturday 21st May from 09.00 to 13.00

If you are attending one of our sessions then please bring your form with you.

Members of the Parish Council will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Responding to the consultation

Parishioners will be asked to rank the sites in order of preference using our consultation form.

The most preferred sites will be released to achieve the required number of homes. We will also be asking for your reasons for selecting certain sites as these must be for reasonable planning issues such as:

  • Relationship to the village - For example, is the site adjacent to the existing settlement boundary and well related to the pattern of development?
  • Site Access - For example, is there good access onto the site?
  • Proximity to facilities - For example, is the site close to Kings Worthy’s facilities & services?
  • Visual impact - For example, what will be the impact of development on the landscape of the site and the surrounding area?
  • Flooding - For example, are there physical constraints on the site e.g. is it in a flood zone?

A reason cannot be “I don’t want any more homes in our village” or due to a site’s proximity to your dwelling.

Examples of the kinds of planning considerations that apply to site selection can be found in Local Plan Part 2 (particularly Chapter 2)

Click here to view the WCC LPP2 website

Click here to download a pdf copy of the Local Plan Part 2 document


We will also be asking all attendees/responders to complete a short questionnaire regarding what additional facilities they feel the village requires together with any suggestions for improvements required to existing facilities.

Returning completed consultation forms

Please do not include any personal information on the form itself and include only your postcode.

Additional forms will be available at the sessions, from the Council Office at Tubbs Hall or can be downloaded on the link below.

Click here for a copy of the consultation form

Collection boxes to return your completed forms will be available at the sites below:

  • Cart & Horses Pub, London Road, SO23 7QN
  • Kings Charles Pub, Lovedon Lane, SO23 7NU
  • The Parish Office, Tubbs Hall, Fraser Road, SO23 7PJ (Post box is to the right of the front door)
  • Springvale Stores, Fraser Road, SO23 7PJ

If you are unable to return a completed paper form, then you can send your form via email to consultations@kingsworthy-pc.org.uk.

You should receive an automatic reply when you submit your email. If you do not receive an automatic reply then please contact the Parish Office.

We value your privacy. Any personal information supplied when submitting your form will only be used for the purpose of this consultation and will not be shared with any third parties. Once your form has been processed, your personal information will be deleted. All personal information provided will be processed in accordance with our Data Protection, Data & Document retention and privacy policies. Copies of these policies are available on the Privacy & GDPR link below.