Recent thefts from motor vehicles

Please see a list of thefts from motor vehicles below:

Request from Chief Inspector Mark Lynch

The Police currently suspect offender(s) are using older saloon vehicles on stolen number plates to commit a number of offences. To assist current enquiries would all residents please keep their eyes peeled for the following type of vehicles suspected to be involved in the Alresford area offences and to report immediately any suspicious activity seen (999 if a suspected crime in progress).

IDDate ReportedLocation
4419019798709.06.2019Brandy Mount, Cheriton
4419019789309.06.2019 Brandy Mount, Cheriton
4419019783209.06.2019 Avington Lane, Avington
44190199529 12.06.2019Overton Road, Micheldever
44190198646 12.06.2019 Pound Road, Kings Worthy
4419020102012.06.2019 Mill Place, Micheldever
44190204523 14.06.2019Coate Drive, Worthy Down
44190206043 15.06.2019 Overton Road, Micheldever