Village Planning Documents

Neighbourhood Plan

Kings Worthy & Headbourne Worthy Parish Council's have agreed to create a new statutory planning document called a Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a planning document that sets out planning policies for a designated area.

This plan is used, in line with the district Local Plan, to determine whether or not to permit planning applications, including both new construction and the conversion of non-residential properties.

It’s written by the local community to ensure the right types of development are built, in the right places.

Neighbourhood planning is legislated for within the Localism Act 2011. As a statutory planning document, it must pass an examination by an independent planning inspector and a public referendum.

The plan will be made to cover a specified period for example 20 years. During the duration of the plan, it will require updating to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

How is the plan created?

The general overview of the process is listed below.

For more detailed information on Neighbourhood Plans and the creation process, see the links below:

Current planning & village documents

The following documents were created to help guide development within the Parish. They were created with input from the local community.

Kings Worthy & Abbots Worthy Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement (VDS) was prepared by a group of local residents working closely with Kings Worthy Parish Council.

It provides guidance on future change and strengthens the character of the villages and their buildings within Kings Worthy and Abbotts Worthy.

A Village Design Statement describes the visual character of a village and demonstrates how local character and distinctiveness can be protected and enhanced in any new development.

This document was adopted as Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) by Winchester City Council, in February 2007.

It forms part of the Local Development Framework (LDF) for the area which forms the basis for decisions on land-use planning affecting that area.

Click here to find a copy of the Village Design Statement

Springvale Road Local Area Design Statement

Winchester City Council produced and adopted a Local Area Design Statement LADS for Springvale Road, Winchester which is situated mostly within the parish of Headbourne Worthy.

The document provides guidelines and identifies design criteria against which planning applications in the area will be assessed.

In 2006 a Village Design Statement (VDS) was adopted for Kings Worthy and Abbots Worthy, and the Springvale Road LADS Study Area is included within this larger area.

This LADS study produced a range of guidelines which are more specific to the Springvale Road Study Area.

The Springvale Road LADS is a Supplementary Planning Document to the Winchester District Local Plan Review (WDLPR 2006) and was adopted by the Council on 01 February 2007.

Click here to view the Springvale Road Local Area Design Statement

Kings Worthy Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was also prepared by a group of local residents working closely with Kings Worthy Parish Council.

What is a Parish Plan?

Parishes, villages, towns and neighbourhoods are constantly changing. We cannot prevent change but what we can do is influence it. A parish or community-led plan helps us to manage change and to have a greater say in our own affairs and in the future of where we live.

What is the purpose of the plan?

  • To identify the key facilities, services, and activities that you value and would like to safeguard for the future; •Identify local problems, issues and concerns to be addressed;
  • To make it clear how you want your parish, village or town to develop in the future;
  • To contain a plan of projects and actions (the Action Plan) that will help you to achieve this vision.

Click here to view a copy of the Parish Plan