Village Planning Documents

Neighbourhood Plan

Kings Worthy & Headbourne Worthy Parish Council's have agreed to create a new statutory planning document called a Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a planning document that sets out planning policies for a designated area.

This plan is used, in line with the district Local Plan, to determine whether or not to permit planning applications, including both new construction and the conversion of non-residential properties.

It’s written by the local community to ensure the right types of development are built, in the right places.

Neighbourhood planning is legislated for within the Localism Act 2011. As a statutory planning document, it must pass an examination by an independent planning inspector and a public referendum.

The plan will be made to cover a specified period for example 20 years. During the duration of the plan, it will require updating to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

How is the plan created?

The general overview of the process is listed below.

For more detailed information on Neighbourhood Plans and the creation process, see the links below:

Current planning & village documents

The following documents were created to help guide development within the Parish. They were created with input from the local community.