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June Parish Council News

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Fraser Road play area now re-opened

We are happy to confirm that the play area has passed it’s safety inspection and has now re-opened. We would like to thank parishioners for their patience and understanding whilst the repair works were carried out. We hope our younger members of the community enjoy our new train.

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Zip-line rail – response from manufacturer

With play safety, there are multiple aspects that must be considered including potential additional risks that are associated with any modifications and/or additions. The only people who are suitably qualified to assess these changes are the designers of the equipment. We have therefore raised a potential additional rail with the…

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Ecogen recycling site

Any concerns regarding the current operation of the Ecogen site, including Heavy Goods Vehicles accessing the site via Lovedon Lane/Stoke Charity Road, should be emailed to: Please ensure you also copy in: and

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Reporting of accidents at the Cart & Horses junction

Please can anyone seeing an accident/near miss at the Cart & Horses junction, please report it to either Adrian Gray or Cllr Jackie Porter so the CCTV footage can be accessed before deletion. Adrian Gray – Cllr Jackie Porter – or 01962 791054

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